LED vs Halogen Headlight Bulbs - Which Is Better?

LED vs Halogen Headlight Bulbs - Which Is Better? - Vivid Lumen Industries

What is the difference? In this blog, you’ll learn exactly what the main differences are between LED and Halogen Headlights Bulbs. But the real question is which one is better?

Knowing how much new vehicles cost, you’d think that you’d be getting some decent bulbs. Well, most of the time you’re wrong 90% of brand new vehicles on the road today are only equipped with standard halogens bulbs in their headlights and their fog lights!

Halogen bulbs - 

Halogen bulbs light is formed from argon and nitrogen gases that are trapped within a heat-resistant shell. These shells contain tungsten filament which when heated from electrical charge it ignites the glow that you can see from outside the bulb. Most halogen bulbs last anywhere from 400-1000 hours.

Advantages of Halogens: cheap, simple to install, universal.

Disadvantages of halogens: Prone to heat, sensitive, high energy consumption

LED Bulbs - 

LED bulbs light is made from negative electrons that run against holes in a semiconductor to produce a light-emitting diode (LED). Most LED Bulbs’ lifespan virtually never ends as they can last up to 17years if you’re using them 8 hours daily for 7 days a week.

Advantages of LEDs: Energy Efficient, Way brighter than a halogen, and small size

Disadvantages of LEDs: Expensive, difficult to fit, needs cooling

Here are some LED Bulbs you could use - 

1. H1 Velocity LED Headlight Bulbs (pair)

2. H11 Velocity LED Headlight Bulbs (pair)

3. H13 V-Spec LED Headlight Bulbs (pair)

4. H13 Velocity LED Headlight Bulbs (pair)

5. H16 Velocity LED Headlight Bulbs (pair)

6. H3 Velocity LED Headlight Bulbs (pair)

7. H4 V-Spec LED Headlight Bulbs (pair)

8. H4 Velocity LED Headlight Bulbs (pair)

9. H7 Velocity LED Headlight Bulbs (pair)

10. Projector Pro LED Headlight Bulbs: 9005 (pair)

11. Projector Pro LED Headlight Bulbs: H11 (pair)

12. V-Spec LED Headlight Bulbs: 9005 (pair)

13. V-Spec LED Headlight Bulbs: 9006 (pair)

14. V-Spec LED Headlight Bulbs: 9007 (pair)

15. 9004 V-Spec LED Headlight Bulbs (pair)

16. 9004 Velocity LED Headlight Bulbs (pair)

17. 9005 Velocity LED Headlight Bulbs (pair)

18. 9006 Velocity LED Headlight Bulbs (pair)

19. 9007 Velocity LED Headlight Bulbs (pair)

20. 9012 Velocity LED Headlight Bulbs (pair)

21. V-Spec LED Headlight Bulbs: 9005 (pair)

22. V-Spec LED Headlight Bulbs: 9006 (pair)

23. V-Spec LED Headlight Bulbs: 9007 (pair)

So what light is truly the best bang for your buck?

LEDs and halogens are very different, but both can produce light in your headlight housings or fogs. So, we talked about the advantages and disadvantages of both the bulbs and now we're gonna break it up into why one beats the other. As off-roading advances and more technology comes out, halogen bulbs will most likely disappear from the automotive industry due to it not being able to keep up with the light output of an LED. Halogens tend to run very warm and die quickly, but they’re also very cheap compared to LED bulbs. LED bulbs, on the other hand, tend to put out massive amounts of light compared to halogen bulbs. LEDs' lifespan is seldom ending, and overall run cooler. LEDs do cost more, but the output and lifespan are worth it to me. So, what is the best bang for your buck? I’m going to go with LED Bulbs, as they beat the halogen in multiple ways, and the only downside is the price. But, for the amount of time you will need to change your halogens, it will come out to the same price in the end.

Vivid Lumen Industries is a group of lighting enthusiasts with a passion for lighting that started 10 years ago. We know what it's like working long hours, driving dangerous highways, and we realized that stock headlights just don't cut it anymore. Contact us at info@vividlumen.com for the best performing headlight upgrades that fit your vehicle for the right price.

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