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Vivid Lumen Industries at the Alberta Outdoor Adventure Expo

Vivid Lumen Industries at the Alberta Outdoor Adventure Expo - Vivid Lumen Industries

Here at Vivid Lumen, we are just as passionate about exploring the outdoors, as we are enthusiastic about providing premium lighting. That is why we were so excited to be included in the Alberta Outdoor Adventure Expo. With us were Ryan Klassen and Jack Almond from our sales department, Caleb Vanderhoek, our Content Manager, and Bobby Kalashnikoff, the owner. We were honoured to be offered the opportunity to be a vendor for this exciting event. During our stay, we thoroughly enjoyed the wealth of exciting events and displays. We met a lot of new friends, and outdoor enthusiasts during our time at the expo. We thoroughly enjoyed the Arc Off-Road booth and meeting Chad Achtemichuk. His tremendous knowledge of off-road recovery was clearly demonstrated with multiple thoughtful workshops around the expo. Being able to see a practical demonstration of recovery, such as a vehicle stuck in the mud, proved to be an extremely educational experience, and garnered our sincere appreciation.

Furthermore, we loved the trail rides offered by the expo, exploring the beauty of Alberta's backcountry proved to be a very rewarding venture. The campfires were a welcome feature at the end of the day. And we found ourselves thoroughly enjoying the glorious weather that we had during this event. @darren_explores brought his very impressive Jeep outfitted with Vivid Lumen light pods including our FNG Fog Lights, and light bars, and we all really enjoyed getting to see it up close in person. Another really cool off-road setup was @okanaganoverlanding with his 2018 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. He had various Vivid Lumen light pods installed to maximize visibility. You can watch our video on our website or Youtube. And if you came to our booth and enjoyed our RC Jeeps, we are planning on selling Vivid Lumen branded RC Jeeps.

Vivid Lumen - Alberta Outdoor Adventure Expo


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