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8 Tips For Driving in Low-Visibility Conditions

Tips for driving in low-visibility conditions

Low visibility conditions are a hindrance than any experienced driver understands the risks of. That is precisely why here at Vivid Lumen Industries, we sell high-quality fog lights, bulbs and assemblies. But having the proper equipment is not always enough. To maximize your safety in low visibility conditions, a few tips and techniques with awareness and focus can deliver you safely through the fog.

1. When in low visibility, even if you are experienced and comfortable, other drivers on the road may not be. Swerving drivers are a major danger on a foggy road, and being aware of them is your best option. You cannot trust that they see you even if you see them.

2. In low visibility lighting, your best bet is to use low beams and fog lights. Your high beams will prove much less effective in such lighting situations.

3. Do not resort to driving at high speeds or changing speeds abruptly. You have far less awareness of your surroundings in low visibility lighting so it is best to assume something could be right out of your vision at all times. Driving slowly also helps your traction in icy or slick environments.

4. Always make sure your windshield wiper fluid is stocked up. In an icy fog, you are bound to end up going through a ton of wiper fluid. Ensure that you have a clean field of view which includes keeping your dash clear & cleaning ice, and debris from your windshield.

5. Ensure that you are consistently using a defroster on your windshield, and monitor moisture buildup both on the outside and inside, keeping proper airflow.

6. Depending on how comfortable with low visibility you are, or the conditions are particularly bad, one might consider turning off all music and in particularly bad situations, opening a window to hear traffic you might otherwise be unaware of.

7. It is important to be aware of how these conditions can affect other drivers too. For example, one should be prepared for other vehicles on the road to require an emergency stop. Always ensure that you can stop within half of your visible distance.

8. Use the outside white fog line to guide yourself and ensure you do not pass unless absolutely necessary.

While driving in low visibility can be challenging and frightening, being armed with the right equipment and knowledge can allow you to much more safely traverse such treacherous roads. 

Vivid Lumen Industries is a group of lighting enthusiasts with a passion for lighting that started 10 years ago. We know what it's like working long hours, driving dangerous highways, and we realized that stock headlights just don't cut it anymore. Contact us at info@vividlumen.com for the best performing headlight upgrades that fit your vehicle for the right price.

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