5 Best Thanksgiving Gifts To Bring Your Host

5 Best Thanksgiving Gifts To Bring Your Host - Vivid Lumen Industries

Thanksgiving is here and we are all excited to eat some flavourful classics like roast turkey, mashed potatoes, and gravy. The big feast is what brings family and friends together, for laughter and cheer. So why not thank whoever is cooking your Thanksgiving dinner with something special from Vivid Lumen Industries' lineup of premium Light Pods, Light Bars, and more!

1. FNG Pods

     The FNG Series of Light Pods is our flagship product and the newest and coolest arrival to Vivid Lumen’s lineup of lighting. It features not only a clean look but its intensity and durability are also second to none. Each FNG Pod comes with 4 5W Osram LED chips and a Total Internal Reflection lens for maximum intensity. The FNG Light Pods come in three different casings, Standard, Round and Flush. Standard is for traditional mounting and is our cleanest, simplest FNG Pod casing. The round features a circular faceplate for mounting or design. Flush features a square front plate for mounting within a bumper or like position. Furthermore, there is a selection of four different lenses for the FNG Pod Series, two Street-Legal, and two Off-Road. These include SAE Driving for everyday driving, SAE Fog to cut through the fog blocking your vision, Hyper Spot for off-road long-distance vision and Flood for an off-road full range of sight. We off each of these lenses in both white and amber to suit any situation you might require. And with their lifetime warranty, you cannot go wrong if you get a pair of Vivid Lumen FNG Series light pods.

    2. Super B

    Our premium Street-Legal light bar is designed for optimum versatility and the high-intensity beam you expect from vivid lumen products. The Super B features triple functionality, white Driving light, amber Fog light, and amber Warning light. Easy functionality to switch between these is included. The Super B Series Light Bar is a surefire all-around light bar to suit any of your needs. Currently, the Super B is only offered in 20”, but were soon to release an 8” version of the highly functional light bar. Boasting a lifetime warranty, alongside its guaranteed durability, versatility and reliability, all at an extremely competitive price means that the Vivid Lumen Super B light bar is your best bet when it comes to street legal light bars.

    3. High Output Bulbs

    Our High Output Series Bulbs features the highest intensity and performance of our entire bulb lineup. Featuring a high degree of versatility, these easy-to-install bulbs boast a lifetime warranty like the majority of our products and features 850 lumens in their beam. If you need brighter headlights, then our High Output bulbs are the choice you want to make.

    4. Assemblies

    Here at Vivid Lumen Industries, we produce a large selection of headlight assemblies. All our Street-Legal assemblies come with polycarbonate frames, LED headlights, and easy installation. We offer an assortment of both automotive and heavy-duty headlight assemblies that can be found on our website or the link provided above.

    5. RGB Rock Lights

    Easy to install, easy to use, durable and stylish, our RGB Rock Lights are perhaps the perfect gift for this thanksgiving. These lights are a ton of fun and using their provided app, you can change each rock light's color remotely from your phone. Anyone excited about what they drive will be sure to be enamoured with these compact easy to love lights.

    Figuring out how to express thanks, especially to someone who just cooked you a magnificent Thanksgiving feast with turkey and stuffing and all the fixings can be a real tribulation. Fortunately, Vivid Lumen Industries is here to make your choice simple with our vast array of top quality, affordable Street-Legal and Off-Road lighting. Winter is coming, and all your off-road friends are gonna be in need of some serious luminescence to cut through the bleak winter fog and snow. To find one of our many dealers, our site's dealer map is an exceptionally useful tool. And if you just cannot decide what to get for whoever you are thankful for this year, then a Vivid Lumen Industries gift card might be what you are looking for. Any way you choose, you can rest easy knowing your decision to shop Vivid Lumen is going to give you the highest quality, best durability, and easiest to use warranty. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Vivid Lumen Industries is a group of lighting enthusiasts with a passion for lighting that started 10 years ago. We know what it's like working long hours, driving dangerous highways, and we realized that stock headlights just don't cut it anymore. Contact us at info@vividlumen.com for the best performing headlight upgrades that fit your vehicle for the right price.

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