Vivid Lumen Return and Refund Policy

Vivid Lumen Return and Refund Policy

Terms & Conditions

At Vivid Lumen Industries we make returns and other client services as easy as possible. Our mission is to provide you with the best products and the best service in eCommerce. If product issues arise, our goal is to make the return or exchange as easy as possible, and this begins with having clear and conspicuous Terms & Conditions. A failure to adhere to these Terms and Conditions may result in the rejection of any refunds, exchanges, repairs or replacements. Please read these Terms & Conditions carefully as they are binding on both the Customer and Vivid Lumen Industries.

Please note that as a result of the constant changes, improvements and developments in our industry, Vivid Lumen Industries reserves the right to modify, alter or change these Terms & Conditions at any point in time, without prior notice. We recommend that you periodically check this page for future developments.

Returns & Exchanges

In the event that you:

  • Purchased the incorrect part or size,
  • No longer need a product purchased,
  • Were sent the incorrect product contrary to what was described on the website,
  • Purchased a product that came defective, damaged or faulty,
  • Are not satisfied with the purchase, or
  • Purchased the wrong product accidentally,

We ask you to contact our customer service representatives and they will help assist with the next best steps. While each particular category identified above has its own special rules and conditions (please read below), there are some general rules which apply to all returns or exchanges:

  • All returns and exchanges must be made via our customer service.
  • Product(s) must be in new condition and in the original packaging. In no event will we accept a product return that is in a poor condition.
  • Any returns related to defects, damage, fitment or other flaws will require additional inspection. Depending on the product, we may also require that you send the product back to the source for inspection. In the event that you bring the product to your own mechanic who provides a report, we reserve the right to request verification by having the product shipped back to our source for additional inspection.
  • Any returns related to incorrect parts, sizes, purchased in error, or parts no longer needed, do not in any way assemble, install, or modify the product.
  • Any product that was used or fully/partially installed is eligible for exchange or credit.
  • In some cases, the return of the physical product may not be required. For these products, instructions will be provided on how to dispose of the original item.
  • The few exceptions for items that cannot be returned include:
    • Items Marked "Non-Returnable" (clearly indicated on the product page before placing your order).
    • Custom Built Orders.

What are my shipping fees?

For orders delivered within Canada, where the reason for return is based on the customer

  • No longer needing or wanting the product,
  • Purchasing the wrong product where the description is proper, or
  • Providing any reason which isn't a result of a Vivid Lumen Industries error,

The cost of the initial shipping charge and a return fee will be deducted from your refund. A prepaid shipping label(s) will be provided. The flat fee for each item being returned can be found in the chart below:

Retail cost of the item Per Item Return Fee

Less than $25.00


From $25.00 - $49.99


From $50.00 - $99.99


More than $100.00


As it concerns products requiring freight, LTL shipping, or international & non-Canada shipping, while returns are accepted, note that the shipping charges will be reduced in an amount based on the estimate from the shipping carrier, which may be substantially higher than the costs outlined above. As such, it may result in the shipping costs exceeding the costs of the product.

Also, note that coordinating the return shipping will be the responsibility of the customer. In the event an error is made by Vivid Lumen Industries, a return shipping label will be provided.

Defective, damaged, or incorrect products

While Vivid Lumen Industries strives to ensure that the products purchased will be the right fit, in perfect condition and proper fitment, sometimes due to factors outside of our control, products may be damaged in transit, defective from the assembly line or otherwise is simply incorrect.

If your product(s) arrive defective, damaged, flawed or simply incorrect, not at the fault of the customer, do not attempt to use, install, modify, or repair the part. Please contact our customer service team, who will assist during the process, work with you, and find the best solution to your issue.

In the event of an exchange or replacement, once you have contacted our customer service team, our team will work with you to help facilitate the transaction. During this time, photos or video of the particular damage, defect, or fitment issues may be requested in order to correctly process your request, access the issue and underlying cause, and determine the next best steps.

If accepted, we will provide you with a prepaid return label to return the defective part. Upon return, we will inspect the part, which may require additional proofs, such as photos, videos or assessments, and upon confirmation of the defect at no fault of the customer, the exchange or replacement will be processed. In limited instances, a return of the product may not be required, and in this event, additional steps may need to be taken as well.

Products must be returned to us within 30 days of delivery. If the damage was caused by a shipping courier, we will schedule a damage pick-up by the courier. Please note that products must be in the original packaging and there are additional requirements for products that ship freight.

Order cancellations

We will assist with the cancellation of an order or part(s) that have not been shipped and are not marked as non-cancelable / non-refundable items. Items that have been shipped already cannot be cancelled or modified. Cancellations can be done through our customer care team who can be reached via phone. Your request will be processed as quickly as possible, but please note that sometimes products ship quicker than expected.

Billing, Refunds & credits

Payment for orders may be captured as soon as the order has been successfully placed. Refunds for returned products are issued as soon as they are received by our warehouse. Refunds will be issued via the same payment method originally used to place the order (Credit Card, PayPal, Google). Once the refund has been issued a confirmation email will be sent. Please allow an additional 5-7 business days for the credit to appear on your account.

Shipping & delivery

To ensure a fast and safe delivery we use FedEx, Canpar, DHL, USPS, & UPS Ground/Air shipping services. Available shipping methods may vary for different types of products and shipping destinations. Once shipping is confirmed, it will be set for pickup by the carrier. Orders will be shipped within 2-4 business days after which their delivery can be tracked via the tracking number sent to your email. There are other products that require more time, generally due to physical location, carrier or warehouse accessibility, and other economic conditions (i.e. delay at the border, pandemic, etc.) Shipping can be tracked via tracking number. 


In an effort to provide our valued clients with the most up-to-date and accurate information, as well as to ensure that Vivid Lumen Industries is always delivering to our clients the most comprehensive products portfolio and platform, Vivid Lumen Industries is continuously implementing real-time updates to our online superstore and platform. Due to the tremendous amount of variety and diversity of our products offered, Vivid Lumen Industries desires to have our clients well informed, and clients should be aware of the relevant federal, state, city and local laws that govern their transactions on products they purchase. As a result of the dynamism of our market, updates, modifications, amendments, alterations and changes must necessarily occur at any time, without prior notice, to these Terms & Conditions. Modifications may include but are not limited to pricing, availability, suggested use, fitment, compatibility, and warranties.

Generally, Vivid Lumen Industries disclaims all loss and is not responsible for, any additional charges, labor, loss or damage incurred as they are related to the products purchased from Vivid Lumen Industries unless otherwise permitted under these Terms & Conditions. This disclaimer applies in all events, and to all situations.

In addition to the general disclaimer above, Vivid Lumen Industries specifically disclaims the following categories of loss:

Additional charges arising from the following:

  • any labor costs associated with the products. Specifically, no event will Vivid Lumen Industries pay for any labor costs associated with the products.
  • loss of use of vehicle, loss of time travelling back and forth to autobody shops, post offices', experts, etc.,
  • lost time at work if the vehicle is used for work;
  • customer remorse;
  • a locality restricting a product at a later point in time after purchase;
  • ancillary costs associated with shipping and storage of the products (this includes damages associated with delayed deliveries).

While we work to avoid any errors, omissions or any misstatements that may appear on the Vivid Lumen Industries website, we do reserve the right to cancel any undelivered orders based on inaccurate information.

Please do keep in mind that this disclaimer applies to all products offered on the particular website, and in the event of any conflicting terms contained on specific pages of the website, the terms contained in this Terms & Conditions, and disclaimer, shall control.

Customer Reviews

Consumers, at their sole discretion, shall have the ability to provide feedback on any products or services received. Feedback may be in the form of posted content, commentary, images, media files, or otherwise a variety of methods. Please note that any consumer feedback provided shall not be considered confidential and may be used utilized for public posting, along with the consumer's name, city, state, year, make, model of vehicle, and (if applicable) organization. The Consumer has the sole responsibility for any content submitted or issues that arise therefrom. In the event that the Company offers an incentive to prompt the consumer for such feedback or review, such incentive shall not be modified based on the content of the response but is offered solely for participation. While reviews are designed to reflect the true impression of the party submitting the information, Vivid Lumen Industries reserves the right to modify or remove any Party Submission(s) that (a) are in violation of any of the standards herein; (b) contain any confidential or private information; (c) contain commentary unrelated to Vivid Lumen Industries's products or services; (d) are contrary to the business interests of Vivid Lumen Industries; and (e) contain information that is clearly false or misleading.

Note that Vivid Lumen Industries does not endorse any User Submission or any opinion, recommendation or advice expressed in User Submissions, and Vivid Lumen Industries expressly disclaims any and all liability in connection with User Submissions. The party submitting the User Submissions is solely responsible for any interactions with other users.

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