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Am I better off getting a light bar or running auxiliary lights?

Am I better off getting a light bar or running auxiliary lights? - Vivid Lumen Industries

Despite the advances in lighting technology in the last few years, you’d think that most cars from the factory would come with bright enough lights to satisfy your needs for on-road and off-road. However, most vehicles come stock with halogens for your fogs and maybe, in the rare case, a led for your headlights. These lights don’t give nearly enough light for us off-road enthusiasts, and that's why we're going to talk about why either a light bar or auxiliary lights are required and the pros and cons of each. Lucky for you, we carry both streets legal and off-road lights to satisfy your needs.

Why would you choose a lightbar over auxiliary lights?

To start it off, let's talk about why you would want to choose a lightbar over auxiliary lights! The pros of running a lightbar are, you’re ultimately going to get the farthest distance of light and most lumens overall from a single product. This means that all the trails in front of you are going to be lit up intensely. With a wide variety of styles and sizes, you’re able to fit a sleek light bar in most hidden places on your vehicles.

Light Bars also can come in a little cheaper than a full auxiliary light setup and are pretty simple to install! Here are some lightbars you could use on your build!


1. Super B Series 20" Driving- Fog- Amber Warning Lightbar
2. Dynamic 6" Driving Light Bar Street Legal SAE/Dot
3. Dynamic 14" Driving Light Bar Street Legal SAE/Dot
4. Dynamic 20" Driving Light Bar Street Legal SAE/Dot
5. V-Spec 6" Driving Light Bar Street Legal SAE/Dot
6. V-Spec 14" Driving Light Bar Street Legal SAE/Dot
7. V-Spec 6" Amber Driving Light Bar Street Legal
8. V-Spec 14" Amber Driving Light Bar Street Legal


      1. Midnight Series 10" LED Light Bar (single Row)
      2. Midnight Series 14" LED Light Bar (Single Row)
      3. Midnight Series 20" Curved LED Light Bar (Dual Row)
      4. Midnight Series 20" LED Light Bar (Dual Row)
      5. Midnight Series 20" LED Light Bar (single Row)
      6. Midnight Series 25" LED Light Bar (Single Row)
      7. Midnight Series 30" Curved LED Light Bar (Dual Row)
      8. Midnight Series 30" LED Light Bar (Dual Row)
      9. Midnight Series 44" Curved LED Light Bar (Single Row)
      10. Midnight Series 50" LED Light Bar (Dual Row)
      11. Midnight Series 50" LED Light Bar (Single Row)
      12. Midnight Series 6" LED Light Bar (Dual Row)

        why would you choose auxiliary lights over a lightbar?

        The pros of running auxiliary lights over a single lightbar are that you can choose exactly where you want the light to go, so it's more of a lego build with auxiliary lights. You can set up amber/white fogs, floods, and spots to be in different directions, so every area you want to see is perfectly lit. Although our auxiliary lights can be a little more expensive at times, they do give you that ultimate off-road look and the customizability that a lightbar can't.


        1. FNG SAE Standard Driving Pods
        2. FNG SAE Standard Amber Driving Pods
        3. FNG SAE Round Driving Pods
        4. FNG SAE Round Amber Driving Pods
        5. FNG SAE Flush Driving Pods
        6. FNG SAE Amber Flush Driving Pods
        9. Dynamic Street Legal 5x7” Rectangle Light
        10. Dynamic Street Legal 7” Round Light
        11. Dynamic Street Legal 9” Round Light
        12. Dynamic Street Legal 7” Round Led Driving Light


          1. FNG Intense Flush Wide Flood Pod
          2. FNG Intense Standard Amber Hyper Spot Pod
          3. Midnight Series 3” Flush Pod Hybrid Spot
          4. Dual Colour 4” Square Led Work Flood Light
          5. Dual Colour 4” Round Led Work Spot Light

          To Sum it all up, I’d suggest going with what your budget can handle and what you think will work best for your build! Lightbars and Auxiliary lights can be mounted on almost every type of vehicle from, a car to a truck and even to a boat or side by side. Remember, lighting plays a big role in our everyday lives, having a little more safety never hurts! And as always, drive safe and have a blast off-road! And oh yeah, our lights… They’re Bright!!

          Vivid Lumen Industries is a group of lighting enthusiasts with a passion for lighting that started 10 years ago. We know what it's like working long hours, driving dangerous highways, and we realized that stock headlights just don't cut it anymore. Contact us at info@vividlumen.com for the best performing headlight upgrades that fit your vehicle for the right price.

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