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Vivid Lumen Industries at the Alberta Outdoor Adventure Expo
Here at Vivid Lumen, we are just as passionate about exploring the outdoors, as we are enthusiastic about providing premium lighting. That is why we were so excited to be included in the Alberta Outdoor Adventure Expo.
How to choose the right LED lighting for a heavy-duty truck?
When deciding on lighting for your heavy-duty truck, you are likely prioritizing safety and functionality over style and aesthetics. Whether you are purchasing for one truck, or a fleet, safety, especially in the commercial sector, is an absolute priority. Ultimately, your bottom line is your primary concern after all.
Which Light Bar is best for you?

How to choose the right light bar? Picking a light bar can be tough, and here at Vivid Lumen, we...

Road Legal SAE Light Bars From Vivid Lumen
Seeing is everything when driving on the street and off-road. That's why adding a light bar to your vehicle is the ultimate way to provide extra illumination! In general, light bars are usually designed for off-road use as they are not usually SAE approved. However, Vivid Lumen has designed a series of light bars called the Super B series that can be used both on the road and off-road so that you can use them wherever you’d like!
LED vs Halogen Headlight Bulbs - Which Is Better?

What is the difference? In this blog, you’ll learn exactly what the main differences are between LED and Halogen Headlights Bulbs. But the real question is which one is better? Knowing how much new vehicles cost, you’d think that you’d be getting some decent bulbs. Well, most of the time you’re wrong 90% of brand new vehicles on the road today are only equipped with standard halogens bulbs in their headlights and their fog lights!

Am I better off getting a light bar or running auxiliary lights?
Despite the advances in lighting technology in the last few years, you’d think that most cars from the factory would come with bright enough lights to satisfy your needs for on-road and off-road. However, most vehicles come stock with halogens for your fogs and maybe, in the rare case, a led for your headlights. These lights don’t give nearly enough light for us off-road enthusiasts, and that's why we're going to talk about why either a light bar or auxiliary lights are required.
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