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Volvo VNL VNR 2018+

The Brilliant Series headlight assemblies feature full LED functionality with high intensity chips, and an Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Lens. Our headlight and fog light assemblies are the best out there. For LED headlight bulbs, the Velocity Series boasts extreme reliability, maximum intensity, and a beam pattern that accurately illuminates the road ahead. With the most efficient SZ LED chips and a mini turbine that draws heat away from the PCB Board, these bulbs provide top of the line reliability and performance. And our Canbus Anti-Flicker Modules are reliable and effective. Each Canbus headlight harness has a built-in resistor pack to mimic the characteristics of a standard halogen bulb being plugged in to your stock harness, tricking the car into thinking nothing has changed - effectively avoiding the side effects of lamp out systems such as warning lights, flickering, or pulsing. Upgrade to LED headlights from our selection of top-quality products, and experience the benefits of greater visibility, safety, and efficiency on the road!

Upgrade Options

Part Type Stock Bulb Fitment Option Upgrade SKUs Canbus Module SKUs
High Beam Headlight Bulb 9005 Option 1 9005 Velocity 2.0 HD LED Headlight Bulbs (Pair) 20001-HD Canbus LED Antiflicker 9005 Modules (pair) 9005D-2
Option 2 9005 Velocity LED Headlight Bulbs (Pair) VEL9005-6K
Low Beam Headlight Bulb H11 Option 1 H11 Velocity 2.0 HD LED Headlight Bulbs (Pair) 20006-HD Canbus LED Antiflicker H11 Modules (pair) H11D-2
Option 2 H11 Velocity LED Headlight Bulbs (Pair) VELH11-6K
Headlight Assembly N/A Option 1 Brilliant Series: Volvo VNL VNR LED Headlight Black 2018+ VL04-D+VL04-P N/A N/A
Fog Light Assembly N/A Option 1 Brilliant Series: Volvo VNL VNR LED Fog Light Black 2018+ VL05-D+VL05-P N/A N/A
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