Introducing the FNG 3 Amber Lens, designed specifically for use with the FNG 3 Lighting Series. Available in three beam patterns - Driving SAE Y, Fog SAE F, and Clear for Off-Road use - these replacement lenses offer enhanced functionality and compatibility with any FNG 3 Series Pod Light.

Upgrade your lighting setup with the FNG 3 Amber Lens, which is perfect for achieving specific lighting effects and meeting various lighting requirements. The Driving SAE Y variant provides a focused and amiable beam pattern for improved visibility on the road. The Fog SAE F variant offers an intense wide beam spread, perfect for illuminating the ditches and road ahead in foggy conditions. Lastly, the Clear variant is specifically designed for off-road use, delivering maximum brightness and versatility in demanding environments.

The FNG 3 Amber Lens is built to the highest quality standards and is a direct replacement for your existing FNG 3 Series Pod Lights. It is engineered to ensure a seamless fit and effortless installation, allowing you to transform your lighting setup in no time.

Enhance your driving experience and explore new frontiers with the FNG 3 Amber Lens. Choose the appropriate beam pattern that suits your specific lighting needs and unlock the full potential of your FNG 3 Series Pod Lights. Upgrade to the Amber Lens today and experience the difference in performance and versatility.

Please note: The FNG 3 Amber Lens is designed exclusively for use with the FNG 3 Lighting Series. Ensure compatibility with your existing FNG 3 Series Pod Lights before making a purchase.

FNG 3 Series: The Amber Lenses are used for the FNG 3 lighting series, the street-legal versions can be found here, and the intense off-road versions can be found here.

QUANTITY: 1x FNG 3 Amber Lens
WARRANTY: Lifetime
PART NUMBER: 13308, 13309, 13310

In the Box:

  • 1x FNG 3 Lens

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Michel Racine
Great colour!

Switch my Yellow Lens for Amber and i love it! Looks nice on my Jeep ☺️

Paul Hildebrand
Tacoma Fog lights with the new dark amber lense

Super bright! Awesome to have a dark amber choice in lense cover other than a yellow cover. Loving them, well done Vivid Lumen 🙌

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