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FNG 3 Series Fog Kit installed on Toyota Tacoma - Stylish and functional fog lights for your vehicle


The FNG series combines power, intensity and style in a redesigned compact build. Level up your driving experience with advanced optics, controlled beam patterns, and intense brightness. Crafted and designed to provide the performance when you need it!

Key Features:

  1. Street Legal Compliant: The SAE Kit produces 2000 street legal Lumens, ensuring compliance with regulations.

  2. Fog Beam Pattern SAE F J583: This beam pattern offers an 80-degree spread, replacing your factory OE fog light assemblies. It provides an intense wide illumination, lighting up the ditches and the road ahead. These fog lights are designed to keep you safe in any weather conditions.

  3. CNC Cut Aluminum Mounting Brackets: The versatile mounting brackets are crafted in Canada using high-quality 1/4" aluminum, ensuring a sturdy and secure installation.

  4. Warranty: The FNG Series Fog Kit comes with a lifetime warranty, guaranteeing your satisfaction. No questions asked!

  5. Easy Installation: The FNG 3 Pocket style fog light kit is a simple upgrade that enhances both performance and appearance. You can install it in under 30 Minutes!, enjoying the benefits quickly.

  6. High-Intensity Osram LEDs: The FNG series features the brightest and most powerful light pod ever produced by us. Each circuit board is equipped with four 5W high-intensity Osram LED chips, providing exceptional illumination.

  7. IP67 Waterproof Rating: The FNG 3" Series fog lights meet the IP67 standard for water and dustproof capabilities. They are 100% protected against solid objects such as dust and sand. Tested to work for at least 30 minutes under 1m of water, these fog lights are built to withstand various weather conditions.

  8. Efficient Thermal Management: The FNG series incorporates large heat fins that efficiently dissipate heat, allowing the LED chips to cool properly during extended use. This design ensures optimal performance and longevity.

  9. TIR Optic Technology: The FNG Series utilizes TIR (Total Internal Reflection) optic technology, which maximizes the light output by capturing and emitting more light directly from the LED chip. This technology outperforms traditional light housings, such as parabolic reflectors.


SAE Fog J583: Beam provides an 80-degree spread. It should replace your factory OE fog light assemblies and create an intense wide that will light up the ditches and the road ahead. Our street-legal fog light replacements with focused optics and extreme LED Osram chips will keep you safe in any weather. 

Colour Options: The FNG 3 Fog Light Kit for Toyota Tacoma is available in both white and yellow lens colours, allowing you to choose the option that suits your preferences.

Experience the next generation of lighting with the FNG 3 Series Fog Kit for your 05-15 Toyota Tacoma. With its unmatched performance, advanced features, and sleek design, this fog kit will elevate your driving experience to new heights. Trust in its reliability, versatility, and style to ensure optimal visibility and safety in all driving conditions.


FNG 3 Series Fog Kit for Toyota Tacoma - Powerful fog lights with versatile beam patterns and durable design

FNG 3 Products Details

FNG 3 info sheet

LIGHT OUTPUT: 2000 Lumens (Per Light)
DIMENSIONS: 3.0” x 3.0” x 2.6”
OPTICS: Fog Light
COLOR: White, Yellow
FITMENT: 2005-2011 Toyota Tacoma
WATTS: 20w
CURRENT: 1.6A @12v
WARRANTY: Lifetime
PART NUMBER: 11308, 11309
UPC: 628242450852, 628242450853

In the Box:

  • 2x FNG SAE Toyota Pod Lights
  • 2x DT to H11 Connectors
  • 4x Aluminum Toyota Specific Brackets

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John Snow
Wrong title

These only fits till 2011. In 2012-2015 the bumper is different

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