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Introducing the Vivid Lumen HD Load Resistors 21W (Pair) - the perfect solution to optimize your LED lighting system. These load resistors prevent hyper flash and "lamp out" errors, ensuring a smooth and error-free experience. With easy installation and durable aluminum construction, they provide stable performance for 12-24V DC systems. Upgrade your LED lights today with Vivid Lumen HD Load Resistors for enhanced reliability and brilliant illumination.


  1. Dual-Resistor Configuration for Enhanced Stability: This load resistor package comes equipped with both positive and ground circuit resistors, ensuring complete stability and functionality for your LED setup. With this dual configuration, you can be confident in the reliability of your lighting system, even in challenging conditions.

  2. Hyperflash Prevention for Flawless Lighting: Say goodbye to the annoying hyperflash phenomenon. The Vivid Lumen HD Load Resistors are expertly engineered to effectively prevent hyper flash issues, guaranteeing smooth and consistent LED performance. Your LED lights will now flash at the optimal rate, ensuring safety and compliance on the road.

  3. Canbus Circuit Integration for Error-Free Operation: No more "lamp out" errors to worry about. With integrated Canbus circuits, these load resistors eliminate error notifications, providing a hassle-free LED lighting experience. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your LED system is working flawlessly, without any error messages or disruptions.

  4. Wide Voltage Compatibility for Versatile Applications: Designed to accommodate a wide range of electrical systems, these load resistors can handle 12-24V DC setups with ease, making them suitable for a variety of applications. Whether it's on your car, motorcycle, truck, or any other vehicle, these load resistors will adapt seamlessly.

  5. High Wattage Performance for Bright Illumination: With a wattage rating of 21W, these load resistors deliver exceptional performance, ensuring your LED lights shine brightly and reliably. Enjoy improved visibility and safety on the road, even in adverse weather conditions.

  6. Optimal Resistance for Efficient Power Distribution: At 6.5 ohms, the resistance is meticulously calibrated to guarantee steady and consistent power distribution, essential for maximizing the lifespan of your LED lights. The load resistors prevent excessive current flow, protecting your LED bulbs from premature failure.

  7. Durable Shell Material for Long-Lasting Reliability: Crafted from extruded aluminum, the load resistors boast excellent heat dissipation properties, ensuring they remain cool and dependable even during prolonged usage. The sturdy shell material enhances the load resistors' lifespan, making them a durable investment for your LED lighting system.

  8. Easy Installation for Convenience: The package includes 2 Crimp + T-Tap splices, providing you with everything needed for a seamless and secure installation process. The user-friendly installation ensures you spend less time on setup and more time enjoying the benefits of your upgraded LED lighting.

  9. Warranty for Peace of Mind: Backed by a 2-year warranty, you can trust in the quality and longevity of the Vivid Lumen HD Load Resistors, offering you peace of mind with every purchase. Invest confidently, knowing that you are covered in case of any unexpected issues.

Safety Note: For optimal performance, ensure these load resistors are installed on a metal surface, avoiding mounting them on plastic materials to prevent potential safety hazards. By adhering to this safety precaution, you ensure the load resistors operate safely and efficiently.

Upgrade your LED lighting system today with the Vivid Lumen HD Load Resistors 21W (Pair). Benefit from their innovative features and bid farewell to LED-related challenges, enjoying a flawless and efficient lighting experience like never before. Embrace the enhanced performance and reliability that these load resistors bring to your LED setup and illuminate your world with brilliance and confidence.

QUANTITY: 2x Vivid LED Load Resistor
SPLICES: 2x Crimp + T-Tap
BLINKER CIRCUITS: Prevents Hyperflash
CANBUS CIRCUITS: Prevents "lamp out" Errors
RESISTANCE: 6.5 ohms
SHELL MATERIAL: Extruded Aluminum
WARNING: Do not mount to plastic, must be installed on a metal surface

(2) LED Load Resistors

Industry Leading Warranty

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Vivid Lumen HD Load Resistors - Durable Aluminum Shell for Long-Lasting Reliability

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