Yeah, They’re Bright - Stay out late on the trails with the Vivid Lumen Wired series single-row combo beam pattern LED Light Bar with a powerful output. Our wired series LED light bars are a sight to behold. These slim, single-row LED light bars offer enormous lighting power in a stylish, modern frame without holding the face to the frame which prevents condensation or leaks. Check out the wire diagram dimensions here.

Off-road truck equipped with a wired series light bar, Vivid Lumen, available in amber and white options for versatile lighting needs

Vivid Lumen Wired Series light bar in amber and white colors, mounted on an off-road vehicle, illuminating the surroundings on rugged trails

Powerful Combo Beam Pattern- Vivid Lumen Industries' super-slim single-row combo beam Wired Series light bar uses 6W high-intensity OSRAM LED chips. Single Row Wired Series light bar features a warm amber light, with 3D optics and an advanced chipset creating a more concentrated soft light beam and further irradiation distance.

Vivid Lumen wired series light bar in amber and white colors mounted on an off-road vehicle, enhancing safety during night-time drives
Amber Vivid Lumen wired series light bar on a 4x4 truck, enhancing visibility in dusty off-road conditions

6W OSRAM LED Chips - Each chip with a 3D hybrid optic, combined with an amber or clear Polycarbonate lens, achieves high efficiency that features a warm amber light. These slim combo beam LED light bars use OSRAM 6w high-quality high-intensity LED chips that have an extremely long expected lifespan in a single-row layout.

Illustration demonstrating the amber beam projection of Vivid Lumen Wired Series light bar
Illustration demonstrating the beam projection of Vivid Lumen light bar, showcasing its wide-angle coverage and long-distance reach


Reliable and Durable - Wired Series combo beam LED light bars are built for use on the roughest terrain. Featuring an extruded aluminum housing with a scratch and corrosion-resistant textured coating and an optically clear, shatterproof polycarbonate lens, which has an IP 67 waterproof rating, making it ideal for use in wet environments.

Efficient Cooling - The oversized heat sink helps LED chips stay cool to maximize brightness. efficient heat dissipation on the front of the bezel and the whole light helps to keep these bars at their brightest.

Waterproof IP67 RATING - Rated at IP67, Wired Series LED light bars are protected from submersion in water up to 1m for 30 minutes and high-pressure water jets. The custom moulded rubber seal also helps ensure this bar is sealed from water intrusion. Whether you use Wired Series LED light bars on muddy trails or dusty worksites, we got you covered.

Versatile No Screw Mounting Options -These bars feature Two sets of mounting brackets with stainless steel hardware that ensure they are easy to install. The included mounts are side mounts and adjustable rear mounts for different location installation and use, with versatile options to mount the light wherever needed with adjustability to get an ideal lighting angle. 

Detailed line drawing of Vivid Lumen light bar, highlighting its rugged construction and adjustable mounting brackets


Easy Adjustment - The Vivid Lumen 12" - 50" LED light bar can be adjusted up and down to 360 degrees using the side mounts, offering convenience for adjusting the position when needed. Check out the Light bar dimension diagrams here.


Wired Series Catalogue

Wired Series Dimension Diagram

Wired Series Brochure


  12” 20” 30” 40” 50”
LIGHT OUTPUT: 3220 Lumens 5759 Lumens 8560 Lumens 11290 Lumens 14230 Lumens
DIMENSIONS: 13.55" x 3.35" x 4.33" 23.27" x 3.35" x 4.33" 33.50" x 3.35" x 4.33" 44.92" x 3.35" x 4.33" 54.76" x 3.35" x 4.33"
LENGTH OF CORD: 20" 20" 20" 38" 38"
LED CHIP: 10 x 6W OSRAM P8 LED 20 x 6W OSRAM P8 LED 30 x 6W OSRAM P8 LED 40 x 6W OSRAM P8 LED 50 x 6W OSRAM P8 LED
WATTS: 60W 120W 180W 240W 300W
CURRENT: 9-36V 9-36V 9-36V 9-36V 9-36V
SKU-WHITE: 16112 16120 16130 16140 16150
SKU-AMBER: 16212 16220 16230 16240 16250


  • 1x Light Bar
  • 1x Wiring Harness (Except in 12")
  • 1x PC Black Cover
  • 2x Mounting Hardware Kits
Illustration depicting Vivid Lumen Wired Series light bar's advanced cooling system, ensuring optimal performance and longevity


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

This thing is great for how small it is! Highly recommend it!

Sean Larkin
Awesome LED light bar!

Small but perfect for my Zooker! A welcome addition especially with the ditch lights. Will install the headlights the headlights next!


Outstanding service as usual and the light at is amazing.

Andrew Pradd
Just what my rig needed

I love this Lightbar it has everything. Solid mounting brackets, very high quality electrical, and the lense cover is perfect for those who need it. This is a 10 of 10 for me. Thank you vivid for making such a quality products.

Jorge M.
Sleek and bright

Well made from the casing to the mounting hardware. Bright and clean pattern throw

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