IP67 Waterproof Rating: FNG 5” Series meets the IP67 water and dust proof standard rating. It is 100% protected against solid objects like dust and sand. It has been tested to work for at least 30 minutes under 1m of water.

Interchangeable Lens Cover: All the FNG 5” series lights are equipped with black covers for street legal compliance and to protect them from stones and debris. You can easily change your beam pattern on the fly by adding additional covers to adapt to weather or driving conditions.

High-Intensity Osram LEDs: The FNG series Packs A Serious Punch! Each circuit board is composed of 4 x 12W high-intensity Osram LED chips with a total of 48w per assembly.

Thermal Management: Unlike other designs, the FNG series are equipped with large heat fins that allow the LED chips to cool properly for extended use. Engineered to perfection the FNG Series Will last you a lifetime!

Mount-It Your Way: Installation is simple and convenient which makes it easy to install and saves you time. FNG 5 Series comes with a U-type adjustable mounting bracket that adjusts the led driving light the way you like.

Warranty: Vivid Lumen Industries Lifetime Warranty protects your Performance LED Lights from LED Failure, Manufacture Defects, and Condensation/Moisture for the lifetime of the Products.


Hyper Spot - All the FNG 5 series come with hyper-spot beam patterns. This beam pattern is best used for maximum distance in off-road or racing applications. The beam pattern is concentrated in a circular hotspot straight ahead of the vehicle. These can be very effective for off-road high-speed motor vehicles. The Intense series Hyperspot cubes give you the off-road reassurance that you need. In order to make your car or truck stand out, you can buy custom covers from our store that come in different colours and beam patterns.

Combo - The FNG 5 series has combo beam pattern lens covers which combine the patterns of hyper spot and flood for a good in-between. 

Dimensions - All dimension drawings can be viewed in this link FNG 5 Detail and Information


Coloured Bezels- The FNG 5 Coloured Bezels directly replace your standard Black Bezel. Available in Blue, Red, Green and Yellow check them out here!

FNG 5 Detail and Information

FNG 5 Brochure

FNG 5 Spec Sheet

LIGHT OUTPUT: 7,850 Lumens (Per Light)
DIMENSIONS: 4.95” x 3.6” x 4.95”
OPTICS: Hyper Spot
WATTS: 48w
CURRENT: 4.12A @12v
CONNECTION: 2 Pin Deutsch
COLOR: White
WARRANTY: Lifetime
PART NUMBER: 14301, 14308
UPC: 628242450876, 628242450883

14301 Single:

  • 1x FNG Intense Pod
  • 1x Black Cover


14308 Kit:

  • 2x FNG Intense Pods
  • 1x Wire Harness
  • 2x Black Cover


Install Video's

Install Video 



Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Marie-France Blondin-Bastien

You are looking for bright spot! This is the perfect product plus you can choose between white, yellow and amber covers. The installation was very easy as well. Mine are wired in the 8 port auxiliary pannel from Vivid.

Tree Lovin Adventures
Blown away

These lights as spots are wild. Literal fricken laser beams. If you need a flood pattern, slap on some of the combo lens and light up a massive area. I slowly want to replace all of my forward lighting with them.

Eric Robinson

If your looking for a wicked light that puts out an amazing light output these are the go to lights will definitely be buying more of these cause pictures don’t do justice

Mathias Kusch
Tried them as ditch lights

Tried as ditch lights but serve better as a spot/combo light lower on the front bumper, would recommend fng3 for ditch

Michel Racine
Amazing lights

Pictures and videos don’t give credit to those lights at all! They are insanely bright and easy to install, i recommend those FNG5 to everyone that are looking for quality and best customer service.

I will order an other pair in the near future 🤟🏼

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