If you are considering in equipping your vehicle with street legal auxiliary lighting then please follow the terms and conditions in your territory.


An acronym for the Department of Transportation. DOT-compliant means that the lighting meets section 108 requirements of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS). These standards regulate all automotive lighting, signalling, and reflective devices in the United States of America and Canada.

Meeting DOT lighting standards guarantees your lights are federally compliant in the United States for visibility, durability, and reliability to secure the safety of others.


An acronym for Society of Automotive Engineers. SAE International has over 138,000 global members that provide technical standards and recommended practises when it comes to the design, construction and characteristics of vehicle components.


An acronym for the Economic Commission for Europe. The ECE, established under the United Nations, has established uniform regulatory standards for vehicle design which include vehicular lighting.

To be ECE-compliant guarantees your lights are compliant in the European Union and in non-European countries that have adopted ECE Regulations for visibility, durability, and reliability. 

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