VRMR- 5x7 Sealed Beam Headlight Protector


VRMR- 5x7 Sealed Beam Headlight Protector



Product Details

What is VRMR Headlight Protection Film?

Headlight Protection Film by VRMR is a protective sheet of film that is Tailored to your specific Truck headlight or Foglight. It measures 12-15mil thick and can protect your lights from extreme road debris such as rocks or stones.

How difficult is it to install Headlight Protection Film?

The easiest way to answer this questions is for you to watch our installation video here. Although it showcases our VRMR product line, the installation principals are the same.

> Installation difficulty depends on the ability of the installer.

> If the headlight has complex curves, protrusions or is compounded.

> If the proper installation tools and fluids are not used.

What are your Headlight Protection Film Transmission Percentages (VLT):

> Clear Film: 100% Light Transmission

> Yellow Smoke Protector: 86% Light Transmission

Product Specs

What's Included

  • VRMR HEADLIGHT PROTECTOR: 2x Headlight Films

  • SPREADER SQUEEGEE: 1x Spreader squeegee

  • WARRANTY: 1 year if Installed properly


  • VEHICLES: Standard 5x7 Rectangular Housings

  • CROSS-COMPATIBILITY: H6054, H6052, H6014

Tech Specs

  • COLOUR: Clear

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