Headlights like that are flickering because your computer is noticing a difference of draw comparing to a stock bulb, In most cases this can be solved with installing a set of Canbus decoders installed only on the low beam

If your headlights are flickering, then install CANbus on your low beams only

No, Never install CANbus decoders in your high beam, they are not necessary.

In most cases the Velocity LED headlight bulbs fit without any modifications. Make sure that you fish the wiring and decoders into the headlight housing before locking in the bulb last.

To clock the Velocity LED headlights just press down and twist. Make sure you press down hard enough not to strip the locking grove

The V-SPEC LED Headlights come with a Allen key. Use the Allen key to loosen the set screw, loosen the set screw until you can clock the headlight until the beam pattern is preferred.

This is a simple fix, please clock your headlights 180 degrees.

NO, only use load resistors for small LED bulb i.e. 3157,1157 turn signal bulbs. If these load resistors are installed in enclosed areas and direct contact with materials such as plastic it can cause material to melt.

Park your vehicle 10 feet away from a wall or garage door, and clock your headlights until you have the most desirable even beam pattern. The diodes should normally be facing horizontally: 90&270 Degree's.

No, our LED headlight and small LED bulbs are meant for 12v systems
We warranty several products with lifetime warranty. That covers condensation and diode failure. This does not cover impact.
Please email warranty@vividlumen.com and we can instruct
Please refer to the specifications sections for each product for the warranty duration.
First check if there is a issue with the vehicle. If the you are having problems with a single side of a product switch it to the other side to make sure its the product that has surely failed. You will not be required to ship it back, but email warranty@vividlumen.com to get a copy of the proper warranty procedure for the specific product.
We ship warranty replacements in your next stock order.
We ship exclusively with FEDEX, We can ship with corporate shipping account numbers
All products are shipped from Kelowna British Columbia. After a order is taken we ship within 2 business days. Cut off is 2 MST
Please email orders@vividlumen.com to get another tracking number.



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