Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that your installers need quick answers and solutions to issues with difficult installs, and we have expert advice waiting at the other end of our Tech Support line 6 days a week, always ready to help. We can have our experts walk you through just about any issues you may encounter during an installation. 

Experts are available from 9am-6pm Monday-Friday, and from 10am-3pm CST on Saturdays

For any questions, please contact our tech line at 1 (888) 498-5525 or email [email protected].


Does Vivid Lumen ship outside of Canada?

Yes, we ship worldwide.

What shipping company do you use?

We use Purolator courier exclusively. 

What delivery options are available?

You will be able to select from a range of shipping options from Purolator during the checkout process.

Do you have guaranteed shipping?

Once a package leaves our shop, the transit time is completely out of our control. As result of this we take zero liability for delayed delivery on all shipments regardless of the so-called "guaranteed" delivery dates that show when tracking a package online. 

Where do your products ship from?

All products are shipped from our warehouse in Kelowna, BC. Orders generally ship within 2 business days but this may vary during peak season/times.


What is the Warranty on our products?

Warranties are specific to each product, they will be listed in the product description. Warranties are only applicable to the original purchaser.

How do I replace a faulty item?

Please troubleshoot by switching components from side-to-side to isolate the problem, individually such as just the bulbs, then just the ballasts, etc. Once you have clearly identified which component failed, you will not have to return it to us for a replacement, but we recommend keeping it off of the vehicle*. Once you have confirmed the defective part, please contact us by phone or email for the next step of warranty replacement.

How are warranty replacements shipped?

Ecommerce customers:
Shipments of replacement parts will be made by Purolator and will be paid for by Vivid Lumen. If you are outside of the CA, you will be required to pay only the shipping costs involved to deliver your replacement part. If you are a customer of one of our distributors, the distributor is responsible for the warranty replacement and should be contacted to handle the replacement directly. If you prefer any other shipping method (i.e. overnight), you are responsible for the associated costs of said shipping method.

Wholesale Distributors:
We will Include a replacement part in your next Purchase order, Or a credit will be issued.

Terms and Conditions


Vivid Lumen Industries is not responsible for any damage caused to your vehicle, its headlights, or any injury that may result due to modification and/or improper installation of any product's from our store. You should be aware that all modification to headlights may put them out of compliance with regulatory laws governing vehicle lighting in your city/state/Province/Country and therefore many of the products we sell are designed for off-road use only.