Enhance Your Visibility with Brilliant Peterbilt 587,579 LED Fog Lights (Pair) 12-22

Upgrade your Peterbilt 587 or 579 with our top-of-the-line Brilliant Series LED Fog Lights. Designed to maximize visibility in any condition, these fog lights feature cutting-edge technology and robust construction. With a focus on performance and durability, our fog lights will ensure a safer and more enjoyable driving experience.


  1. Full LED Functionality: The Brilliant Series fog lights are equipped with high-intensity LED chips, providing powerful illumination and enhancing your visibility on the road. The advanced LED technology ensures a bright and focused beam, allowing you to see farther and clearer even in adverse weather conditions.
  2. Impact-Resistant Polycarbonate Lens: Our fog lights feature a high-quality polycarbonate lens that is resistant to impacts, ensuring long-lasting durability and protection against debris. The sturdy construction safeguards the fog lights from damage, maintaining their performance over time and increasing their lifespan.
  3. Quantity: This package includes 2 fog light assemblies for a complete and balanced lighting setup. With both fog lights working in tandem, you'll experience consistent and uniform lighting coverage, improving your overall visibility on the road.
  4. Light Output: Each fog light delivers an impressive 1800 lumens, effectively cutting through the fog and enhancing your visibility. The high light output ensures a broad and intense beam pattern, illuminating the surroundings and helping you spot potential hazards or obstacles with ease.
  5. DOT, SAE, and ECE Certification: Our fog lights are DOT, SAE, and ECE certified, meeting the highest safety standards. These certifications guarantee that the fog lights comply with regulatory requirements and have undergone rigorous testing to ensure their reliability and performance.
  6. Colour Options: Choose between stylish Chrome or sleek Black fog light assemblies to match your Peterbilt's aesthetic. The Chrome option adds a touch of elegance, while the Black option offers a more modern and stealthy look, allowing you to customize your vehicle's appearance.
  7. Fitment: These fog lights are specifically designed to fit Peterbilt 587 models manufactured between 2011 and 2022, as well as Peterbilt 579 models from 2013 to 2022. The precise fitment ensures easy installation without any modifications, saving you time and effort.
  8. Lens Material: Crafted from high-impact polycarbonate, the fog light lens is not only durable but also UV-resistant, ensuring long-term clarity and protection against discoloration. The UV-resistant material prevents the yellowing or fading of the lens, maintaining optimal light transmission and preserving the fog lights' performance.
  9. Watts: Each fog light consumes only 30 watts of power, providing an efficient lighting solution without putting excessive strain on your vehicle's electrical system. The low power consumption not only reduces the load on the electrical system but also helps conserve energy, making these fog lights eco-friendly.
  10. IP Rating: With an IP67 rating, these fog lights are dust-tight and can withstand water immersion up to 1 meter, making them ideal for various weather conditions. The superior IP67 rating ensures reliable performance in extreme environments, protecting the fog lights from moisture, dirt, and other contaminants.
  11. Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with our 2-year warranty, covering any manufacturing defects or malfunctions that may occur. The warranty demonstrates our commitment to delivering a high-quality product, and in the rare event of any issues, we will promptly address them and provide a suitable solution.
Upgrade your Peterbilt 587 or 579 today with the Brilliant Peterbilt 587,579 LED Fog Lights. With their exceptional performance, durability, and stylish design, these fog lights will illuminate your path and make a bold statement on the road. Don't compromise on safety and visibility—choose the best fog lights available. Order now and experience the difference for yourself!

QUANTITY: 2x Fog Light Assembly
LIGHT OUTPUT: 1800 Lumen
COLOR: Chrome, Black
FITMENT: 11-22 Peterbilt 587, 13-22 Peterbilt 579
LENS MATERIAL: High Impact Polycarbonate (UV-Resistant)
UPC: 628242450294, 628242450296

(2) LED Fog Lights

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