Easter is almost here and Vivid Lumen Industries wants to spread the cheer! Our Easter sale is running from April 14th to April 19th and it is the perfect time to shop for any of our outstanding products including one of our brand new series such as the FNG 5. Use code VIVIDEASTER at checkout to receive 15% off of any of our products. Our FNG 5 Series is our biggest and brightest off road light pod ever. A larger and more durable version of our FNG 3 series, these light pods have attachable lenses to change pattern and color of the beam and an unmatched lumen output. If you need street legal lights, we have a large selection of bulbs, light pods, and light bars like our brand new Optic and Super B series. They feature slick durable housing and are easy to install. The Super B Series also features additional settings such as warning and fog lights. We also released our Easter coloring page. Hit the link at the bottom of the page to go to our coloring page. Save the image, color it, and upload it to Instagram with tag #VIVIDEASTER. Were all excited to hit the trails and our lineup of high quality lights assures you make the best of your Easter by doing what you love!